Soul Coach Certification 2019

Have you heard the calling?

Is it time for you to step in your fullest leadership, help people and train to become a life coach?

If you are a big hearted soul, open minded seeker, and wants to live your life in freedom from your own blocks and the societies constrictions - this is for you.

If you truly believe in following your heart, and well... MAGIC - this is for you.


You heart knows the way, your intuition will lead you right.

If this training is calling you - book your interview below today!


After the training you will be: 


Certified Life Coach


Initiated Reiki Healer


Boss babe with website


March-May ”Build The Foundation”

Group sessions every other week plus 2-3 private coaching sessions per month.

March + April:

We will start working on your own personal development with 1-to-1 coaching and biweekly group calls. 


Weekend workshop Life Coach Training pt 1
In May we will have a digital online weekend workshop where you will learn the basics in Coaching.

After the workshop weekend, you will start working with real clients to practice what you’ve learned.


June-July ”Realize Your Skills”



12-16 June

Life Coach Training pt 2 + Reiki Healing Initiation LIVE
You will have a live retreat in Croatia where you will learn Reiki Healing and continue with deepen your coaching skills.

18-22 June

You will be assistants and teachers/coaches at a REAL retreat the week after that!!


Group sessions every other week plus 1 private coaching session per month.

Integrate your new knowledge and continue working with clients + a few weeks of summer break.

Class session every other week + a few private sessions when needed.

September-December – ”Make it a Living”

Group sessions every other week plus 1 private coaching session per month. Self study online course with videos and texts.


Develop your business skills in the online course Soul Boss School so you can build your coaching practice and start earning money doing what you love!


Weekend Workshop
Build your first website during this digital weekend workshop – leave with your first real website!


Launch Your Coaching Business! It’s time to show the world your new path! Get support in showing up online, sharing with friends/family and daring to claim your space as a leader.


Fill in the gaps – group sessions where we talk about your real life coaching and business problems.

Plan For 2019! We will create a plan to be able to create the dream lifestyle you wish for. CERTIFICATION CEREMONY!


  • “This education is beyond amazing! It´s a great mix between practical and emotional work. Both for you personally and as a new coach. Sanne is an amazing teacher and coach. She has the magical capacity to see and capture both your individual growth and your development as a coach. She is always there to guide and help you in every step of the way even outside of the coaching sessions and lessons. The way she sees you and help you to see yourself is a true gift.”

  • “Sanne guides you through the coaching and soul work with a steady hand that. She listens and moves with the group and where we are in our process. While we learn the coaching techniques in a group setting she coaches us individually so you get a first-hand experience in what it is like to get coached as well as work through stuff that you need to evolve and be everything you are. Sanne will see your full potential before you see it yourself and she will help you get there at your own speed. She has a unique intuition and really sees you for you. She is there for you between meetings and coaching sessions if there are any questions or if you need more support. She really makes sure that you are ready for the steps you need to take and makes you ready for the work as a coach. And not just the coaching but the business side too! ”

  • “This training goes deep into your own personal development and Sanne has a magical ability to push you through self-doubt and she makes sure her group is ready to reach the next level, and she is with us every step of the way. Sannes competence and long experience as a coach makes it easy for her to guide you if you get stuck and support you through stormy weather. The training includes tons of spirituality and business too, not only coaching, which means you grow on so many levels at the same time!”

Pricing + Book interview

Most popular



  • Personal 1-0n-1 Coaching
  • Life Coach Training
  • Reiki Healing Training
  • Business Training
  • Training in hosting retreats/public speaking
  • Digital Course + Live Training in Croatia
  • Housing during the live week

Not included:

  • Travels to Drvenik Veli
  • Food during the live week
  • Extra optional recommended books
Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 17.38.37.png

Two weeks in sunny Croatia!

A transformational part of the training will take place in the south of Croatia on the magical Island Drvenik Veli.

The first week you will spend in training yourself to become a more powerful life coach and learn how to tap into your power as a Reiki healer. 

Soul Camp - teacher mode!

The second week you will be assistant/coach/teacher at Soul Camp! You will coach guests and host workshops. You will be a part of making the groups experience magical as fuck.

This means you will take your learnings and put them into practice STRAIGHT AWAY. You will not only learn the techniques but will turn them into skills so you can now for sure that you have claimed this knowledge in the very bones of who you are.

Practical questions

You fly to Split airport – take a taxi or bus less than half an hour to the old beautiful city Trogir. From Trogir, you take the ferry to Drvenik Veli.

You will live together with your classmates in a cozy apartment on the island. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Can I work full time and join the course?

Yes, this course is made to be able to go through at the same time as either other studies or work. You should have a dream to start a new career though. 

How big is the group?

The group is max 6 persons to make sure you get a lot of personalized attention and coaching.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in 3 installments March 1, May 1 and June 1. 

How much time do I need to spend on the course every week?

It will fluctuate but you can count on that you will need to spend around 4 hours a week on this training. Some weeks it will be less, some more. There will be a lot of subconscious work where you don't have to study or go to classes but LIVE your life and bring in your new knowledge and insights in your day-to-day life. Again, this is not your ordinary coach training.