Our Soul Coaches

Let us introduce you to our amazing soul coaches!

These are the alumni and certified Soul Coaches from previous year, all ready to work with you and help you reach your fullest potential. You can also reach out to them if you have questions about the Soul Coach Course and want to talk to someone who actually already been through the training.

If you want to try coaching for the first time or find a new coach to take you to the next level, you will find them here!

All of them have the same high Soul Coach standards but they have all slightly different vibes and energies - because they are different people and in Soul Coach School we believe in honoring and honing your innate powers, not trying to make you fit in a cooking cutter box. 

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Meet the Coaches

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Elsa Pettersson

A kickass coach and compassionate soul. Elsa is your coach if you want to leave your old life behind, find/follow your dreams and fall in love with yourself! 

Expertise: Dreams, Purpose, Start Your Own Business, Self Esteem Boost
Language: Swedish, English

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Rebecca Johansson

Do you want to connect more with your own soul and feel seen for who you are? Rebecca will help you to explore your relationship with who you really are!

Expertise: Self Love, Body Acceptance, Shyness, Stepping into your Power
Language: Swedish, English

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Hanna Jansson

Hanna will give you permission to be YOU. With her you will find the path to the deepest secrets of your soul and reconnect with your life energy.

Expertise: Intuition, Finding your Passion, Follow flow, Energy Work
Language: Swedish, English

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Emma Lundin

Emma is a power house, a dragon in human form. She will help you to accept yourself for who you really are, understanding your feelings, and unleash the fire within your heart!

Expertise: Finding Your Fire, Feelings, Trusting Yourself, Life Passion
Language: Swedish, English


Helena Biskup

Helena is a gentle Angel Soul who will help you heal with compassion and patience. Are you struggling with burn out, trying to be everything for everyone and forgot yourself on the way - Helena is your coach. 

Expertise: Burn Out, Stress, Gentle Deep Healing, Body Wisdom
Language: English, Swedish

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Beatrice Nylund

Are you trying to find your way in this world. Are you questioning who you are and what you should do and where you should live? Beatrice will help you connect with your own truth and support you on your journey.

Expertise: Life Changes, Stress, Boundaries, Emotions
Language: English, Swedish

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