The Gift of Burn Out

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Three years ago my body started shutting down on me.

The stress was eating me up from inside and I was always dizzy, my body was hurting and I didn’t sleep well at all. I was burned out but I didn’t want to take it seriously because it was not supposed to happen to me! I was embarrassed because it was a sign of weakness, that’s what I thought at least.

Now, I see that my body had sent me signals for a long time to slow down but I had ignored it.  

My body forced me to...

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That nagging feeling of unhappiness

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If you reading this you’re most likely familiar with a nagging feeling in your chest, in your stomach or maybe in your whole body. It’s like it’s itching but on the inside, you know?

The nagging feeling that whispers, that there’s something more than this out there. That you are more than the life you are living.

For me, it happened a couple of years ago.

My whisper told me I was more than the professional athlete I showed up to be every day. Realizing that was like...

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