Welcome to the Hogwarts of Coaching Schools!

Let's not even pretend this is your regular school. We will not sit in stuffy class rooms. We will not follow a rigid  detailed oriented schedule. We will not try to fit into this crazy unsustainable world. Let's not even pretend.

Because we believe in magic.

We will let magic guide us all through the training. We will help you deal with our own shit, go deep into the healing work as leaders and learn the skills of life coaching with a playful approach - integrating the knowledge into the very bones of who you are.

We will activate you as a healer and power source.

And teach you the business know-how you need to build a business and LIFE that sustains you.

Unique Coaching Approach

In the western world we as human beings we are often treated as brains floating around in a body. If the body is in pain, we go to the doctor who treats the sickness with pills. We treat our mental health issues with more pills and are confused that it doesn't work. Even if science is telling us exactly what is wrong with that approach. 

And the spirit world is... well... forgotten completely. 

The tide is changing. More and more people are waking up. We are craving more. 

Regular life coaching only works with the conscious mind and forgets that most of our blocks is in our subconsious mind, that our body remembers things we thought we already healed, and that our soul is a wise source of knowledge. 

In this coaching school we do it differently. 

In Soul Coach School we believe in expanding, healing and unleashing the whole human.

Mind, Body. and Soul.

We have an approach to cover it all. 


Meet the Head Master

Intrducing: Sanne Aronsson

the founder and head master of Soul Coach School

Sanne has been working as a wildy successful international coach for 8 years. She trained young and was a certified life coach and later LifeSpider Coach at the age of 23, She continued with becoming a Reiki Master, Akashic Record Reader and Somatic Hypnotists. She built herself an online business so she could travel and has been coaching clients all over the world. From her hundreds of happy clients she got more and more questions on how to be able to train with her, and learn the skills of coaching. The idea of a unique spiritual coaching training started to grow. 

Her Goal: A Hogwarts for Coaches

When starting Soul Coach School she had one goal in mind - a magical school, a hogwarts for coaches - blending her hardcore coaching and business skills infused with the power of the witch magic she was born with. 

Read more about Sanne here: www.sanne.io