Soul Coach School

The unique coaching school for big-hearted soul seekers

A 9 month training that will teach you how to connect deeply with your clients, find your own path, and build a successful coaching business

You know that you’re are meant for more. That you have a calling to help people and to live a magical life as you do it. The 9-5 rat race doesn’t fit you and you crave to tap into your inner strength, spirituality, and work from wherever you want to.

This coaching training is for soulful, creative, big-hearted souls, who've probably been called ”too sensitive” more than once.

Dreamers who care deeply about other people, animals, and the planet.

Seekers who are ready to STEP UP and claim their space as leaders and healers.

Magical beings who knows there are more to life than meets the eye.

This coaching training will not only build your skill set as a coach, but also unleash your wisdom as a healer, and your self-esteem as a boss babe.

When the training is done you will have your new career(your new LIFE!) ready for you.

After the course you will be a certified Soul Coach which means that you will be both a Life Coach and initiated Reiki Healer. You will have your own website and business launched and be ready to take on the world.

After the course you will be:


Certified Life Coach


Certified Reiki Healer


Bossbabe with website

  • “Soul Coach School is a coach training that really reaches magical levels. You learn techniques that will reach your clients straight into their heart and soul and help us as coaches to develop our intuitive talents. This is not a basic coaching training! ”

  • “If you want to become a coach with the little extra this is for you. If you wanna be the unique coach that only you can be, this is for you. If you don't want to be put into a mold and have to be like everyone else, this is for you.”

  • “ The education gives you the possibility to become the coach you want to be, it gives you the tools to go outside the standard coach box and create something for yourself and for your specific gift in this world. I can really recommend this coach education, you won't regret it!”

Join us and help build a new world!